Making Extremists – Sectional Tensions and Causes of the American Civil War


The North - Abolitionists – Free Soilers


The South - Fire-Eaters – Apologists



John C. Calhoun’s lyceum – Positive-Good Theory

Creates the Solid South

Enlightens Northerners to the abuses of slavery (propaganda)

abolitionist rhetoric/ slave power conspiracy

Offends Southern culture

conformation of the slave power conspiracy

Ostend Manifesto – call for expansion into the Caribbean

Right to expansion into Caribbean – White supremacy


The Liberator/William Lloyd Garrison

Insult to Southern culture


North Star/Frederick Douglass

Insult to Southern culture


Uncle Tom's Cabin/Harriet Beecher Stowe

Insult to Southern culture

See they are barbarians

Lovejoy murdered - First white man killed over slavery issue

See, this is what happens if you try to seal our property


Amistead Case/slave trade in D.C.

They are stealing our property

We have a right to debate anything

Congressional gag rule

We are tired of hearing the insults

Southern conspiracy to expand slavery via an unjust war

Mexican War

It is our Manifest Destiny

The west is an opportunity for white men/free soil doctrine begins

Manifest Destiny

We have a right to take our property with us

Fear that slavery might expand west

Mexican Cession

Opportunity for expansion

First free soil statement

Wilmot Proviso

See, we must never lose the senatorial balance

Repeal the Congressional gag rule – force a debate on free soil

Taylor and free soil/Taylor's death/Fillmore no leader

Taylor betrayed us/never trust a (Cotton) Whig

Kidnapping of runaway slaves

Fugitive Slave Act (1797)

Our right under federal law

Undermining an unjust law via State law

personal liberty laws –granting citizenship to run-a-way slaves

Abolitionist are stealing our property ignoring federal law

Supreme Court should be ignored

Prigg vs. Pennsylvania

Fugitive slave law is just/constitutional

New Fugitive Slave Law unacceptable

Compromise of 1850

California statehood unacceptable


California/senatorial balance

Lost the senatorial balance

Unacceptable law/must be nullified

New Fugitive Slave Act (1850)

Compromise for losing senatorial balance (not enough)


Nashville Convention – Southern unity expressed

First talk of secession/voted down for now

Popular sovereignty unacceptable

transcontinental railroad/Kansas-Nebraska Act – popular sovereignty enunciated

Opportunity to expand slavery – trade northern railroad route for opportunity to expand slavery west

Beecher’s Bibles - violence

"Bleeding Kansas"

Fraud elections - violence

Southerners will murder abolitionists

Lawrence massacre

Driving off the Jayhawkers


Pottawatomie massacre

Abolitionists will murder Southern whites

Primitive/barbarian Southern culture

Brooks attacks Sumner

Honor and justice

Supreme Court must be ignored

Dred Scott Decision

Justice/law enforced

John Brown is wrong but we understand (Northern apologists)

John Brown's Raid on Harpers' Ferry/execution

All northerners are secret abolitionists

A purely Sectional candidate (Lincoln) wins

Election of 1860

“black” Republican elected/secession talks

An act of treason

secession of South Carolina/lower South

Our right as “States”

Unacceptable/we won the election/no expansion of slavery

Crittenden compromise/Missouri Compromise revisited

Will accept limited expansion

They attacked us

Ft. Sumter/upper South secedes

War for independence is the only answer