American Senior High School fell victim to a referee’s bad call, losing a key football game it should have won. Using documents A-G discuss how far the evidence supports this assertion.


The annual American Patriots – Carol City Chiefs football game ended in dramatic fashion when Donnell Wilson caught the game winning touchdown pass as time expired. Wilson made a leaping catch and landed safely in the end zone capping an improbable come from behind win for the Carol City Chiefs. (note: high school game results are phoned into the newspaper sports desk by the athletic director of the home school)

Tom Robard, Newspaper Reporter, Ted Hendricks’s Field, The Miami Herald 


Did you see that catch?! I mean it was great! Man I knew I had it! That D-back was nothing! I ran right by him and just reached out and pulled it in. Focus, real focus! We're number 1!

Donnell Wilson, Carol City wide receiver who caught the winning pass


Great catch! Unbelievable! Donnell has heart and no quit in him. When it mattered I knew he would come through. He's tough, a real gamer! I had the team focused. We were ready to play. Never a doubt!

Clayton Sheffield, Offensive Coach, Carol City High School


It was a totally awesome catch! We won the game and, like totally disgraced that other team. I knew we would win after our half-time show, and we did! We rock! Go Chiefs! Those American guys had no chance. And you should have seen those American girls! Their cheers were sloppy and screechy. No wonder we won! We're number 1!

Jasmine McNeil, Carol City High School Cheerleader Captain


We were robbed. That guy never caught the ball, he was lying there on the ground and he trapped the ball under his chest. He pushed-off me and the ref never saw nothing. Carol City is nothing but a bunch of cheats!

Demetrius Johnson, Defensive back who covered Donnell, American Senior High School


“It was a clean and simple catch resulting in a touchdown. No penalty was involved.”

Owen Dyson, Football Referee, excerpt from his game report to the Florida High School Activities Association


#83 Donnell Wilson, Senior, Carol City High School, Position: Wide Receiver. Height: 5' 6" Weight: 155. Comment: Has poor hands and only average speed.

#47 Demetrius Johnson, Senior, American Senior High School, Position: Defensive Back. Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 192. Comment: Great speed.

Robert Benson, Assistant Football Coach, University of Nebraska. Excerpts from his scouting report.