Moving to the extreme

"fire-eaters" -- apologists -- compromise -- free soilers -- "abolitionists"

"Solid South"/John C. Calhoun
abolitionist rhetoric
The Liberator/William Lloyd Garrison
North Star/Frederick Douglass
Lovejoy murdered
Uncle Tom's Cabin/Harriet Beecher Stowe
Amistead Case/slave trade in D.C.
congressional gag rule
manifest destiny/free soil doctrine
Wilmot Proviso/Mexican Cession
Taylor and free soil/Taylor's death
personal liberty laws/fugitive slave act
Prigg vs. Pennsylvania
"gold!"/California/senatorial balance
Nashville Convention
"Compromise" of 1850
"slave power conspiracy"
Ostend Manifesto
Fillmore - Pierce - Buchanan
transcontinental railroad
Kansas-Nebraska Act
"Bleeding Kansas"
Lawrence massacre
Pottawatomie massacre
Brooks attacks Sumner
Dred Scott Decision
Southern Democrats - Northern Democrats - Constitutional Party - Republicans
John C. Breckenridge - Stephen Douglas - John Bell - Abraham Lincoln
John Brown's Raid on Harpers' Ferry/hanging
Lincoln's election
secession of South Carolina/lower South
Crittenden compromise fails
Sumter/upper South secedes