American Senior High School United States History Mr. Anthony Perno



                                                                  Historical Methods


                                                          primary source

                                                        secondary source

                                                           witting source

                                                         unwitting source

                                                    personal point of view

                                             prevailing social temperament



Directions: For each source check all that apply.

















01 The Mayflower Compact as reprinted in a textbook.














02 A history textbook's analysis of the Mayflower Compact














03 A 1990 written account of a 1980 event














04 A 1665 written account of a 1655 event














05 A 1997 newspaper article of an event from the previous day














06 A 1997 magazine article of an event one month earlier














07 an 1864 magazine article of an event one month earlier














08 a political cartoon from a daily newspaper














09 a letter written by you














10 your next report card














11 2000 year old garbage














12 a silver coin














13 a road map














14 a Perno lecture














15 a TV "live eye" news spot














16 the stock market reports














17 a Dr. Algaze morning announcement














18 American High School’s morning announcements














19 a TV toothpaste commercial














20 The Diary of Anne Frank














21 The Mona Lisa