George S. McGovern

Richard M. Nixon

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Key Terms: 1972 Election

  1. Chappaquiddick/Kennedy gone

  2. assassination attempt/Wallace gone
  3. CREEP and Watergate
  4. Liddy and Hunt/dirty tricks/Muskie gone
  5. the Eagleton debacle
  6. Kissinger: "peace is at hand"
  7. "the hippie candidate" McGovern
  8. American "withdrawal from Vietnam"
  9. Nixon visits Beijing and Moscow


Key Terms: Nixon Administration

Alger Hiss/HUAC
Checkers Speech
kitchen Debate
TV Debate/'60
New Nixon/'68
Buger Court
Secret Plan/Vietnam
Cambodia/Secret War
"Peace With Honor"
War Powers Act
China Card/détente/SALT I
wage and price freeze [Keyensian?]
Pentagon Papers/CREEP
Watergate/Creditability Gap

When McGovern spoke to the Gridiron Club in Washington after his calamitous defeat, he told the journalists: "Last year we opened the doors of the Democratic party, as we promised we would, and twenty million Democrats stalked out." He added: "For years, I wanted to run for President in the worst possible way-and I'm sure I did!"

Though most Democratic leaders pressed McGovern to drop Eagleton because he had been treated for mental illness, a few McGovernites took the issue lightly. "At least we know ours had treatment," said Georgia's Julian Bond. "What about theirs?"

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