Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thomas E. Dewey

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Key Terms: 1944 Election

  1. "suspended election" fears

  2. "fourth term"
  3. "like the groom on a wedding cake"
  4. Truman not Wallace
  5. The Fala Scandal
  6. "communists" in the White house

Key Terms: F. D. Roosevelt Administration

  1. Neutrality Acts

  2. "cash and carry"
  3. naval base - destroyer deal
  4. Selective Service Act
  5. Lend Lease Act
  6. Good Neighbor Policy
  7. Atlantic Charter
  8. attack on Pearl Harbor
  9. World War II
  10. War Powers Act
  11. Manhattan Project
  12. Stalin and the "second front"
  13. Operation Overlord/Battle of the Bulge
  14. G. I. Bill of Rights
  15. Big Three/Yalta Conference

To a friend worried about a fourth term, Roosevelt exclaimed: "I hate this fourth term as much as you do - and the third term as well - but I do not worry about it as a matter of principle. It would be a mistake, of course, to establish it as a tradition but I think I can well plead extenuating circumstances."

Hooting at the don't-change-horses-in-midstream argument for FDR. Dewey observed that when the Democrats replaced Wallace with Truman, they changed one-half the horse.

Presidential Campaigns, Paul F. Boller, Jr., Oxford University Press, New York, 1984.