On Women Smokers, The New York Times, February 29, 1928

Be it resolved, that the National W.C.T.U. [Women's Christian Temperance Union] encourages further scientific research into the effects of nicotine and urges all public and private school teachers and Sunday school workers, both by precept and example, to assist in an educational campaign to make these effects known with a view to instructing the youth as to the well-proven facts of science; and

Be it further resolved, that the National W.C.T.U. brands as untrue the charge made by the Association Opposed to National Prohibition that we are engaged in a secret campaign for an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting tobacco. . . .
[Mrs. Ella A. Boole, President of the New York State organization says:]

"We are working on this question from a scientific standpoint and from and educational standpoint. After all, the duty of motherhood is still relegated to the women of the nation. Just as long as that is true we must protect the coming generation by teaching the present one the effects of the habit of smoking on the unborn. . . ."