Little Murders, by Jules Feiffer

Man - (gradually exploding.) What's left? What's there left? I'm a reasonable man. Just explain to me what I have left to believe in. I swear to God the tide's rising! . . . We need honest cops! People aren't being protected anymore! We need a revival of honor. And trust! We need the Army! We need a giant fence around every block in the city. An electrically charged fence. And everyone who wants to leave the block has to have a pass. And a haircut. And can't talk with a filthy mouth! We need respect for man's reputation. TV cameras! That's what we need! In every building lobby, in every elevator, in every apartment, in every room. Public servants who are public servants! And if they catch you doing anything funny - to yourself, or to anybody else - they break down the door and beat the living shit out of you. A return to common sense! We have to have lobotomies for anyone who makes less than ten thousand a year. I don't like it but its an emergency! Our side needs weapons too. Is it fair that they should have all the weapons? We got to train ourselves! And steel ourselves! Its freedom I'm talking about! There's a fox loose in the chicken coop! Kill him! I want my freedom! (He collapses.)