Georgia Platform (post Compromise of 1850 vote)


Be it resolved by the people of Georgia in Convention assembled. First, That we hold the American Union secondary in importance to the rights and principals it was designed to perpetuate. The past associations and future prospects will bind us to it so long as it continues to be the safe-guard of those rights and principles.


Third, That the State of Georgia has maturely considered the action of Congress, embracing a series of (compromise) measures; and, whilst she does not wholly approve, will abide by it as a permanent adjustment to this sectional controversy.


Fourth, That the State of Georgia will and ought to resist, even (as a last resort) to a disruption of every tie which binds her to the Union, any future Act of Congress abolishing Slavery in the District of Columbia, without the consent of slaveholders thereof; of any Act suppressing the slave-trade between slave-holding states; or any Act prohibiting the introduction slaves into the Territories of Utah and New Mexico.


Fifth, That it is the deliberate opinion of this Convention, that upon the faithful execution of the Fugitive Slave Bill by the proper authorities depends the preservation of our much loved Union.