Four Minute Men


While we are sitting here tonight enjoying a picture show, do you realize that thousands and thousands of Belgians, people just like ourselves, are languishing in slavery under Prussian masters?


Driven into slavery, after they were lured back home by Prussian promises—Prussian scraps of paper.


Read the stories of deliberate governmentally ordered brutalities as told in the book, German War Practices, recently published by the Government’s Committee on Public Information.


Read how the Prussian war lords robbed Belgium, pilfered and stole. How they extorted fines of millions of francs for trivial reasons: in Brussels because of an attack by a policeman; at Tournai for refusal to send a list of citizens. Taxes went to 50,000 francs a month and more in Belgium.


Prussian “Schrecklichkeit” (the deliberate policy of terrorism) leads to almost unbelievable besotten brutality. The German soldiers—their letters are reprinted—were often forced against their wills, they themselves weeping, to carry out unspeakable orders against defenseless old men, women, and children, so that “respect” might grow for German “efficiency.” For instance, at Dinant the wives and children of 40 men were forced to witness the execution of their husbands and fathers.


Now, then, do you want to take the slightest chance of meeting Prussianism here in America?


If not, then you’ll have to help in summoning all the resources of this country for the giant struggle. For resources will win the war.