Best Fight Films (Not in any particular order)


1.    Fat City (Sad and depressing, but honest)

2.    Raging Bull (Everyone on this board has seen it; everyone has his own opinion)

3.    Snatch (only a ‘good’ fight film, but ‘great’ film all around)

4.    Rocky (The first one only; the classic boxing story done well)

5.    The Harder they Fall (Important for its time)

6.    Requiem for a Heavyweight (Sad and depressing, but honest again)

7.    Cinderella Man (Wronged Max Bear, but still a good film)

8.    The Great White Hope (Almost historically accurate, with great local color)

9.    Palooka (1934 version) (With Jimmy Durante as ‘Knobby Walsh’-  the definitive/cliché fight manager – lots of fun)

10. Gentleman Jim (Recreation of the fight on the barge makes it worth the watch; Ward Bond’s interpretation of the Great John L is over the top, but fun)

11. The Great White Hype (Only fight fans can truly appreciate the innuendos)


Good Stuff On Television

1.    Dempsey (Recreation of Dempsey-Firpo bout alone is worth the watch; interesting interpretation of Doc Kearns)

2.    Don King: Only in America (Ving Rhames as Don King is amazing)

3.    Joe and Max (Honest and fair interpretation of Max Schmeling; it’s about time)

4.    Rocky Marciano (Not bad, not great, worth a watch)


Films that Disappointed Me


1.    Body and Soul (Cliché)

2.    Ali (Nothing particularly wrong here but you just can’t reduce this man’s life to 157 minutes; probably should have been a miniseries)

3.    The Champ (1931) - Sappy

4.    The Champ (1979) – Sappy redux

5.    All the other Rocky films – (no real fight fan needs an explanation why they’re on my negative list)

6.    Million Dollar Baby - Sappy

7.    Kid Galahad (1962) – (Elvis as a fighter, I think not)

8.    Kid Galahad (1937) – (More a gangster film than a fight film)

9.    Tough Enough (Just like the Tough Man competitions it’s based on, it’s disrespectful to the sport I love)

10. The Main Event (They should not have been allowed to make this piece of shit)

11. Champion (With Kirk Douglas and as cliché as you would expect)

12. The Set-up (Robert Ryan is always good, but cliché)


Films I have seen but still not sure how I feel about them


1.    Hard Times (About illegal bare knuckle fights)

2.    Night and the City (More about promoting fights than the fights themselves)

3.    Far and Away (Fights only a subplot, not really a fight film)

4.    Diggs Town (Fun, but . . .I just don’t know)

5.    Somebody Up There Likes Me (Would have been a better film had it been made today)

6.    The Prizefighter and the Lady (Not a good film; a promo for Max Bear; a few famous pugs appear)


Films I have not seen, but probably should


1.    The Fighter (The Micky Ward story)

2.    Real Steel (Maybe I shouldn’t see this one)

3.    The Hurricane (I think he did it, so I boycotted the film)

4.    The Challenger (Looks cliché)

5.    The Greatest (Ali playing Ali, that should be interesting)

6.    The Joe Louis Story (Having been made in 1953, it’s probably squeaky clean)